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"Don't Be What They Made You" Loneliness and Immortality in Logan

Exclusive illustration by @andrewsketchhead

“Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.”
James Mangold’s Logan, at surface level, is just another addition to the long-running X-Men film franchise. Further than that it’s a skillfully directed and brutally violent western homage. But if you keep digging under everything it appears to be, the beloved mutant’s final donning of his adamantium claws is a stunning character study, which explores depression, addiction, and facing one’s own mortality.
The year is 2029, no new mutants have been born for over two decades and the X-Men are no more. Hugh Jackman’s Logan (known also by his birth name, James Howlett) now lives life off the grid, working as a limo driver for hire and caring for Charles (Patrick Stewart), who is all but bedridden with old age.
It is common knowledge that Logan has long suffered with alcoholism. He is almost never pictured without a glass of whisky or a cigar, and his answer to most proble…

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